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    Shenzhen Shengong Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise R & D, production and sales of CNC precision engraving equipment. Since its inception, Shengong technology in the field of engraving techniques, CNC, precision engraving machine design technology and small tool fine carving craft and other achieved a major breakthrough. The company has a number of years of research and development experience in CNC machine tools and professional team, with advanced and mature production process and process, perfect after-sales service system, to provide users with high precision, high speed, high quality CNC precision engraving equipment.

    Shengong series CNC engraving equipment are widely used in: digital mobile phone accessories, 3C consumer electronics products, unmanned aerial vehicle fittings, hardware mould (shoes mold, toy models, high-frequency module, mould, hot metal mold, badges, red copper electrode, hardware stamping, embossing roller), watch glasses, jewelry, jewelry from version, jewelry crafts, jade jade jade, prototype fixture, medical equipment, automobile and motorcycle accessories, advertising gifts, stamp printing, decoration related industries, and other precision engraving technology.


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